On the second floor of our coworking-space in the city centre you can find our event location with a size of 145m². Due to the large window facade the event location is flooded with sunlight and provides a bright and inviting atmosphere. Besides a large open area, the event location also offers a chill-out area and multiple seating options for private conversations. A great number of plants also add to the homely atmosphere the event location offers to you and your guests.

The overall space is split into two areas that are 100m² and 45m² in size. Each space can be booked separately or the entire area can be booked as a whole. The smaller workshop area, 45m² in size is elevated a few steps from the event area and perfectly suited for workshops and seminars. In this area you can find comfortable seating areas, a foosball table and a long table that fits about 20 workshop participants.


The event area can be entered through the staircase in the courtyard. The large space is equipped with a spacious bar next to the entrance. The area offers a lot of seating possibilities, a projector for presentations, a photo-area and hi-fi equipment. Altogether the event area offers space for about 120 visitors.

If needed whiteboards and flipcharts can be provided to boost your presentations. Catering can also be arranged if desired. Our event space is the perfect location for corporate events, workshops and other events of all kind right in the city centre.

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